HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader Solution

How to fix HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader and won’t turn on cause of low battery. 

Solution : how to unbrick HTC android cellphone 
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HTC smart phones are best android cellphone in the market with competition of other well known brands. Sometimes HTC phones stuck into bootloader and won’t turn on . The cause of this problem is your smartphone battery is too low , you were trying to update your android cellphone or you were playing with bootloader. This tutorial will only solve the problem and bring your HTC phone back from the problem if your HTC phone is stuck into bootloop caused by too low battery  less than 10% and you are not able to  charge your android cellphone battery via socket charger or usb .
Note:  (3875mV is equal to 10% of battery charging).

So what’s the solution ?

Debug mode  is not necessary for this process . All you have to do is turn your htc smartphone bootloader. 

Method 1. 

Copy these codes and paste them into .txt file then convert it to .bat file.

@echo off
fastboot getvar battery-voltage

fastboot reboot-bootloader

ping /n 6 localhost >nul

goto start

Method 2.

Download the text file contain on these codes and rename .txt to .bat. You can also change file name . 

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Method 3.

use adb commands to write these codes step by step.  

(Following method 1 and 2).

HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader Solution

Copy .bat file into android-sdk folder . (C:Program Files/Android/Android-sdk/platform-tools ). Double click on .bat file . In the return you will see different lines running in command prompt . You will also notice battery voltage start increasing with every step. Your HTC android cellphone  keep restarting after increase of every volt of battery. The process will take  upto 1 hour(depend on the voltage of your battery) to increase your smartphone battery voltage to meet the minimum boot requirement by HTC.  Minimum 3850mV is required to light up any HTC android cellphone but you can increase the mV level as high as you want. 

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