Ainol Novo 8 Mini ATM7021 Stock Firmware

Ainol Novo 8 Mini Stock Firmware 

ATM7021 Android Tablet.

Action CPU based Tablet. 

Ainol Novo 8 Mini is Action ATM 7021 CPU based Android tablet. For flashing Action chip tablet you need to download Actions PAD Product Tool

How to Flash ATM7021 ACTION Android Tablet .

How to Flash ATM7021 with Actions PAD Product Tool ?

Follow the tutorial to flash android tablet. Make sure to charge battery more than 60%. Do not select wrong firmware . Wrong selection may result dead tablet. Before downloading firmware check out board id correctly . if you are not familiar with board id kindly read how to check board id of Android Tablet. 

Allwinner A33 Trimeo Tablet 4.4.2 STock Firmware

Allwinner A33 Quad Core
 Trimeo 7 inch Tablet KitKat Firmware
Android 4.4.2 STock Rom. 

Allwinner A33 Firmware 

 Trimeo 7 inch Tablet KitKat Firmware

Trimeo tablet is android based tablet having Allwinner A33 Quad Core CPU. This firmware is based on Android KITKAT 4.4.2  stock rom for trimeo tablet. If you have desire to update your trimeo tablet on kitkat 4.4.2 you need to flash your tablet with provided stock rom. You must know board ID and CPU of your tablet if your tablet main chip / CPU is Allwinner A33  you can flash this stock rom. Other than Allwinner A33 Chip this firmware is not going to work or you will brick your tablet. PhoenixSuit flashing tool will be use to flash this Kitkat rom on your tablet. If you are new to flashing procedure of allwinner a33 tablet , you must read tutorial “How to flash Allwinner tablet with PhoenixSuit Flashing Tool .
This firmware could be use if your tablet is hang on logo , forgotten pattern lock or multiple errors generated by OS but you must hard reset your allwinner tablet via Android System Recovery before flashing . 

Android Version : 4.4.2 Kitkat
File Size : 411 mb
File Ext. : img 
Build number: astar_chiphd-eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20150331 test-keys 

All the images and files are property of their respected owners. 

HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader Solution

How to fix HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader and won’t turn on cause of low battery. 

Solution : how to unbrick HTC android cellphone 
android cellphone

HTC smart phones are best android cellphone in the market with competition of other well known brands. Sometimes HTC phones stuck into bootloader and won’t turn on . The cause of this problem is your smartphone battery is too low , you were trying to update your android cellphone or you were playing with bootloader. This tutorial will only solve the problem and bring your HTC phone back from the problem if your HTC phone is stuck into bootloop caused by too low battery  less than 10% and you are not able to  charge your android cellphone battery via socket charger or usb .
Note:  (3875mV is equal to 10% of battery charging).

So what’s the solution ?

Debug mode  is not necessary for this process . All you have to do is turn your htc smartphone bootloader. 

Method 1. 

Copy these codes and paste them into .txt file then convert it to .bat file.

@echo off
fastboot getvar battery-voltage

fastboot reboot-bootloader

ping /n 6 localhost >nul

goto start

Method 2.

Download the text file contain on these codes and rename .txt to .bat. You can also change file name . 

android cellphone

Method 3.

use adb commands to write these codes step by step.  

(Following method 1 and 2).

HTC smartphone stuck in bootloader Solution

Copy .bat file into android-sdk folder . (C:Program Files/Android/Android-sdk/platform-tools ). Double click on .bat file . In the return you will see different lines running in command prompt . You will also notice battery voltage start increasing with every step. Your HTC android cellphone  keep restarting after increase of every volt of battery. The process will take  upto 1 hour(depend on the voltage of your battery) to increase your smartphone battery voltage to meet the minimum boot requirement by HTC.  Minimum 3850mV is required to light up any HTC android cellphone but you can increase the mV level as high as you want. 

android cellphone
  • The following method was adopted from and tested by myself. Android soldier does not claim any rights  to above said method and programing file or codes. All credit goes to its original owner. All the logo’s are property of their respective owners. If you have inquiries regarding this post please write in comments section. 

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4

hard reset Samsung galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy S4

What is Hard Reset. 

The best thing about Android OS is, providing key combinations to solve the problem of your Android devices known as Hard Reset. With the help of key combinations you succeeded to enter in Recovery mode where you find different options . The most amazing and mostly used option is called Delete user data.  

When you Restore/Reset your Android device to state when it  left the factory or first time the Smartphones or Tablets turns on for very first time ,called Hard Reset. 

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

hard reset galaxy s4

Turn off galaxy S4. You can Pull out Battery to turn it off quickly. 
Press and hold Volume Up and Home button. 
Now press power button while holding other two buttons. (Volume UP+Home).
Samsung Galaxy S4 will vibrate , leave the power button but still hold other buttons until you do not see recovery menu
Use volume + (UP)and volume -(down) buttons to select the “Wipe data /Factory Reset“.
Confirm Using Power button (Power button = Enter )
Select “Yes — delete all user data ” 
When done select “Reboot system now” and confirm using power button.
It will take some time to complete reboot process . 

Note: The above said procedure will delete all your data. make sure to backup your data when android devices are in working positions. Otherwise no tears. 

RK3026 YK86VS-RK3026-V1.1 Rockchip Android Tablet Firmware

Rockchip RK3026

Android Tablet Firmware 
YK86VS-RK3026-V1.1 and
YK86VS-RK3026-V2.0 test.

How to Flash Android Tablet. 


This firmware is only suitable for Android tablets based on Rockchip RK3026 CPU. Do not attempt this firmware to other Rockchip CPU. If your tablet having basic errors (bootloop,hang on logo,forgotten pattern lock , Gmail account) try Hard Reset first. Playing with Stock Firmware is always last option. Before flashing Rockchip tablets you must know which firmware is compatible with your tablet . Applying wrong firmware may result unexpected behavior . 

Before flashing Rockchip Tablets : 

How to Flash Rockchip Tablets .

Download Tablet Firmware v1.1 RK3026-YK86VS-V1.1
Download Tablet firmware v2.0 YK86VS-RK3026-V2.0 
Turn on your tablet into Rockchip flash mode (boot mode). 
Open Rkbatch Tool
Select .img file to flash Rockchip

Note:- Make sure to choose correct firmware.

EYE ON Smartpad AK6C Allwinner A10 Tablet Firmware

EYE ON Smart Pad Model AK6C
Allwinner A10 Android Tablet Firmware

Before proceeding you must read :

Basic steps for flashing tablet firmware for newbies.

What board id ,BoxChip,CPU Chip ,does my tablet pc have ?

Frequently Asked Question


Read Article About Allwinner Technology 

Tablet PC Specifications:

7 Inch display 
Resolution of 800×480 pixels
Android 4.0 (ICS)

Tablet Flashing Tools & Tutorials:

Recommended Tools : 

You can also use : Android Multi Tools

Why I need to Flash My Tablet Pc?

In Case of Following 

1. Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Tablets
2.Too many pattern attempts / Reset user lock.
3. Tablets PC stuck on Gmail account.
4. Android Tablet PC stuck on Android logo.
5. Tablet Android  hang on start-up / Multiple errors generating by OS. 
6. Android Market having problems or generating errors. 
7.Upgrading to new Android version.
you can use this Android Tablet firmware ROM to restore your Android China tablets to generic firmwares or upgrades . Make sure to charge battery upto 60%. Power failure during flashing may result dead or broken tablets.
Note : Flashing generic tablet firmware should be last option.

Download Tablet Firmware

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Firmware , Hard Reset and Custom ROM

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Firmware 

Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-h Hard Reset

Lenovo Ideatab a2107a-h Custom ROM , CWM and Root. 

android for tablets
lenovo ideatab

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h is a best tablet with dual sim facility. If your Lenovo tablet is facing software problems, Generating multiple errors by OS , Pattern lock or stuck on Gmail account then here is the solution. 

How to hard reset Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h.

There are two different method to Reset Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc. The first one is easy and smooth. If you fail to get required result with method then you can apply method two. 
Method 1.
  • Open the tablet cover from back where you insert the Sd card and sims. 
  • Underneath the back camera there is a small button. 
  • Press this tiny button while tablet is on . 
  • Lenovo tab will be reboot and you will be able to use it . 
lenovo ideatab firmware

if not then 

Method 2.
  • Turn off Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc. 
  • Press and hold Volume Up button . 
  • Press Power button until you see the blue screen called Factory Mode.This is the same recovery as you seen on other Android devices but with different options. 
  • Press volume down button to make a selection and select “Clear eMMC”. Clear eMMC will erase all your data stored in internal storage. 
  •  Volume Up button will be use to select the option.
  • The further process will take some time and tablet will be reboot . you are done. 
Hard reset solved most of the Problems generated by OS. But if your problem with Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h is still remain then you need to restore Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet pc to stock ROM. 
hard reset lenovo

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h Firmware. 

Lenovo ideatab a2107 is Mediatek  MT6575 cpu based tablet . You need Sp Flash tool to flash your lenovo tablet to stock firmware. Download firmware and follow and the tutorial . This is the same flashing method which we adopted on  flashing Lenovo A3300GV and A3300HV. 

hard reset idea tab

Conclusion .

Everything is working fine. 

lenovo tablet

lenovo tablet

Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h Custom ROM , CWM and Root. 

If you are willing to install Custom ROM on your Lenovo  Ideatab a2107a-h tablet you will need to install CWM first and then Custom ROM and Gapps . For Custom ROM installation there is complete guide available on XDA Developers. 

Onda V709 KitKat Stock Firmware

Onda V709
Allwinner A33 Android Tablet Firmware 

Download firmware for Onda v709

V709 Core4_V1.0.3_v1

Allwinner A33 Android Tablet Firmware

SPEC ONDA V709 Tablet. 

CPU Detail : 1.3 Quad Core 
Chipset : Allwinner A33
Dimension : 1024 x 600
Manufacturer  : ONDA 
Screen Size : 7 Inch 
RAM : 512 Mb DDR3
ROM : 8 GB
Cam : Frontal Only 

 Firmware Detail ONDA V709 Tablet. 

Stock Firmware 4.4.2
Android Kitkat 
Firmware Version : V1.0.3_V1
Firmware Build Number : astar_ondamb709q5-eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20150818 test-keys
FW Compatibility : This firmware is only compatible with Onda V709 Quad core V1.
File Size : 400 mb
Flashing Tool and Tutorials : Phoenix Suit 

Precautions :

Before flashing stock firmware you can try to solve the problem with Android System Recovery which is recommended.  
Charge your tablet more than 60% before flashing . 
Use original Data cable for flashing. 
Do not disconnect tablet while flashing. 

Lenovo A7-50 A3500-H and A3500HV Firmware

Lenovo A7-50 A3500-H Firmware 

Lenovo A7-50 A3500HV Firmware 

Mediatek MT8382 Tablet Stock Firmware 

4.4.2 Kitkat for Lenovo A3500
Mediatek MT8382 Tablet Stock Firmware ,android tablet best

 Lenovo produce  two same best tablet under the name of A7-50 A3500 but with different  version called H & HV. Lenovo A3500H is WIFI+3G but only support data , A3500 HV support WIFI+3G Voice. All lenovo tablets are known as android tablet best quality. There is two different stock rom  for Lenovo a3500 H and A3500HV versions  . Do not attempt to flash A3500 without knowing the version (H or HV) and make sure to download the correct rom. Wrong firmware flashing may result dead tablet. 

How to flash Lenovo Tablet ?

These lenovo tablets are based on Mediatek MT8382 chipset and will be flash with SP Flash tool. You can also find Mediatek Flashing tool and tutorial if you are new. These stock firmwares will be use if your tablet stuck on logo ,  generating multiple errors , need to update android tablet firmware, system stop working or forgotten pattern lock and you are not able to solve these issues with Hard Reset via Android Recovery System . However hard reset lenovo tablet is always recommended before flashing firmware. Time to update android tablet.

Download 4.4.2 Kitkat Firmware for Lenovo A3500 . 

Discrimination :-  All the logo , image and firmwares in this post is property of  their respected owners.