Allwinner A13 CPU Board A7008T v1.2 firmware

Allwinner A13 

A13 CPU BOARD A7008T v1.2 

Allwinner A13 firmware 

upcoming tablets

Board ID : A13CPU-BOARD_A7008T_v1.2 
Touch Drivers :GT818
G-Sensor :mxc6225
Camera : gc0329
Android : 4.2
Display : 800×480
Allwinner A13 CPU based tablets were succeeded to make place among best 2015 tablets . Allwinner A13 tablets are also famous as work tablets and as a cheap tablets . Allwinner Company also has major role in upcoming tablets(hexa core and octa core tablets ). Allwinner tablets are also best tablet for business because after samsung android tablets they hold major part of sale worldwide. If we go for negative tablet reviews ,the real problem with these tablets are Software issues . Sometimes these tablets stop working and generating various software issues i.e hang on logo , stuck on startup , multiple errors etc . 

In these circumstances android user mostly lost their personal data saved on internal memory.In this case you need to flash Allwinner tablets with stock firmware via Livesuit flashing utility . The below mentioned firmware is only compatible with board id  A13CPU-BOARD_A7008T_v1.2 .

You can also use Android Multi tools to solve these issues if the boot loop is working fine other wise you need to flashing complete firmware. 

File Size : 400 MB

Allwinner A13 SAQ8 A13-V1.2 Android Tablet Firmware

Allwinner A13 SAQ8 A13-V1.2

Android tablet Firmware 

Supported by Many Brands 
i.e Vipad Q8 , Angel Nov

Board Id : SAQ8 A13-V1.2

Know more about Allwinner Technology:-

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Frequently Asked Question about Android Tablets 

Learn How to Flash Allwinner Tablet 

    You can also use :

     Android Multi Tools

    When I need to Flash or Restore my Tablet Pc?

    1. Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Tablets. (If undone by Hard reset)
    2.Too many pattern attempts / Reset user lock.(If undone by Hard reset)
    3. Tablets PC stuck on Gmail account.
    4. Android Tablet PC stuck on Android logo.
    5.Unexpected error / Force close errors generate by Android operating system .

    Hard Reset Tesco Hudl Tablet

    Hard Reset Tesco Hudl Tablet 

    hudl factory reset

    best android tablets UK.

    Hudl is a 7 inch Tesco tablet . Tesco produce tablet under the name of hudl. Well organized and well designed tablet. If you compare tablet hudl with other android tablets then hudl is a  best new tablet and best rated tablets among best android tablets UK. This tutorial is about how to hard reset your tesco tablet if you are having some serious issues with tesco tablet. for example if your hudl tablet is stuck on logo , forgotten pattern lock or stuck on gmail account then hard reset via Android Recovery is best solution for your tablet. 

    Hard Reset Tesco Hudl Tablet. 

    best android tablets UK.

    • Turn off your tablet.
    • Press Volume UP (+) button and Power button together until hudl logo appear. 
    •  Android System Recovery menu will appear. 
    • Use volume up and down buttons to navigate. 
    • Select Wipe data / factory reset by pressing Power button. 
    • Reboot system now by selecting and pressing power button. 
    Wait for reboot. You are good to go . This function will erase all of your personal data stored in internal memory. The following method could be apply on hudl 1 and hudl 2 android tablets. 

    best android tablets UK.

    The above mentioned method is work like charm and based on personal experience. Found no harm to tablet. All the logo and products are property of their respected owners. If viewers have any questions regarding tutorial you can write in comment section. 

    How To Unbrick Amlogic Tablets

    Unbrick Any Amlogic Device 

    How to Unbrick Amlogic tablet .

    amlogic boot card maker 

    amlogic boot card maker

    This tutorial will guide you, how to unbrick your amlogic tablet or any amlogic device. If you mistakenly brick your amlogic tablet and won’t able to flash it via Image Burning Tool , then this tutorial can help you to recover you amlogic tablet or any amlogic device. Bricked amlogic device means if your tablet or any amlogic CPU based device won’t turn on or showing only light or generating below mention error on screen while writing amlogic firmware , then this Amlogic boot card maker tool can help you to write stock firmware on your amlogic devices. 

    There is also another method available to unbrick any android tablet, that is short circuit of nand flash pins , which is not easy for new user or not user friendly method but with amlogic boot card maker  method you can easily boot your bricked android tablet .
    example of semi bricked amlog tablet errors while flashing. 
    failed to mount data 
    Device can’t mount 
    Invalid Arguments 

    How to unbrick Amlogic tablet 

    Then download amlogic firmware regarding your tablet and extract .
    extract and run bootcardmaker.exe 

    amlogic boot card maker
    A pop up window will open and you will see few options. 

    amlogic boot card maker

    1.Choose Disk: Select the drive of your microSD card.
    2. To partition and Format: Check “YES”. This will format your microSD card. 
    3. Choose your bin files : Click open and choose u-boot.bin from your stock amlogic firmware.
    4. Make : Click on Make . This will turn your microSD card into bootable amlogic recovery disk. A green bar will be appear until card turn into recovery disk.  
    5.  Now copy all files from stock amlogic firmware . (factory_update_param.aml, aml_autoscript,, recovery.img, unlock_autoscript and amlogic u-boot.bin)

    amlogic boot card maker

    Turn off your tablet , Insert memory card into tablet , Power up tablet , you will see recovery mode and flashing will be start automatically . When reboot , remove memory card wait for few minutes and let the update complete. After successful upgrade everything will be normal now , follow the instructions on screen and you are good to go. 
    This method will work on all amlogic cpu base devices . (e.g TV Box , Tablets ).
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    All the logo and images are property of their respective owners. Android Soldier does not claim any of it. 

    BACKSTAB apk+data Download Paid Android Games For Free


    Android Game for Smartphones and Tablets. 

    Download Android Games 

    Download Android Games For Free

    Henry Blake was the honorable officer in britain navy once. But now he is a broken man whose life is stripped away,sheltered,imprisoned ,dark . His wife and his life was taken away from him. Help him to find justice ,revenge while playing game with technics. Climbing , jumping,sneaking to reach the target. Find different combos,deadly fighting skills to defeat your enemies and anyone who came into the way to stop . Android game BackStab is based on revenge and finding justice. Magnificent 3D environment to explore the full island freely. The Android game will allow you to explore the 18th century caribbean island. 
     Download paid android game for free to enjoy the stunning graphics and amazing story full with revenge. 

    ScreenShots BackStab Game.

    Download  Android Games For Free

    Download Android Games For Free

    Download Android Games For Free

    Download Android Games For Free

    Download Android Games For Free

    Installation Requirements :

    Android OS: 2.1 and Up
    Version : 1.2.6
    apk size:1.5 M
    Data size: 594MB
    Author : Gameloft

    image by google play store. 

    All the characters,fiction,logo’s,ideas are property of gameloft and their respected owners.

    how to stop inappropriate search results on browser and apps

     How to prevent search engines and video hosting sites to display inappropriate search results or videos .

    Internet Safety for kids .

    Internet Safety for kids .

    Technology is growing day by day . With every single day there is new technology arrived and improving in every field of life.As we all aware there are also side effect of modern technology along with huge benefits. Internet is the one of best innovation in this era.  These days , Internet safety for the kids is known issue for the parents , especially for busy parents while they are out for work or children’s are out of sight and using internet . As internet is paying important role in the era of modern technology and has a major role in our daily routine and social life . No matter you are working , studying or socializing, internet is the main key of all these factors , apparently you cannot stop your child’s being a part of this awesome technology . But at the end parents are concerning about displaying inappropriate , unwanted or graphic nudity in the shape of images or videos. The game changer and world no. 1 search engine company Google is very concerning about the family safety on internet. Google and YouTube Allow parents to set safety measures which is Perfective effort. Here are some useful settings to make sure maximum internet security for kids. 

    visit Google search preferences  from your browser and turn on safe search and click save . This will allow Google Search Engine to block inappropriate videos and images in result. 

    Internet Safety for kids .

    Same if you are user of Bing Search Engine  you can also set privacy and measure of safety for children from Bing setting tab.

    Internet Safety for kids .

    You can also use safe search filter by Google on smartphone and tablet browser .

    On smartphone or tablet go to .

    5-6 tabs will be shown in bottom. 
    Click on setting , select search setting , select SafeSearch Filters and select filter explicit result as mark in image below.

     safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

    Now it’s time to create some barriers to YouTube to display inappropriate search result of videos. 

    Go to YouTube homepage on browser.  
    Scroll down to bottom and you will find few options . Click on restricted mode and select yes or no and click on save . Reopen YouTube and you will not find any unsuitable videos on home page. 
     safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

    On smartphone or tablet go to YouTube App. Click on setting button and select settings.
    Select General  and go for Restricted Mode. 
    Tap button to turn on Restricted Mode and you are good to go . 

     safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine safe search kids, search settings google, safe search filter ,safe search youtube, safe search engine

    Disclaimer : The purpose of this post is to prepare the parents to meet the maximum security measures on internet . However these Techniques are not 100% satisfactory but work maximum.All the logo and images are property of Google and YouTube. Android Soldier does not claim any rights . 

    ONDA V975S_v7 4.4.2 Tablet Firmware

    ONDA V975S_v7 4.4.2 Kitkat Stock Rom

     Allwinner A33 Android Tablet Firmware 

    Allwinner A33 Android Tablet Firmware

    ONDA tablets stand between top tablets of 2015.Quality , Material , Speed , software support and latest firmwares make this Onda android tablet best among other well named tablets. ONDA V975s is Quad Core ,9.7 inch tablet based on Allwinner A33 Chipset .The below mention firmware is Kitkat 4.4.2 Stock firmware. This firmware will only support Onda V975S_V7 Core4 tablet. There is another tablet available with model v975s core 8. This firmware will only support quad core , v975s_v7 tablets. Do not attempt to flash this firmware on other onda tablets. If you do , you are responsible for your  own act. 

    How to Flash Allwinner A33 Tablet .

    PhoenixSuit flashing tool will be use to re write firmware on Onda v97s_v7 tablet. Tips and tutorials are available if you are new. 

    Firmware Detail : 

    Firmware Compatibility : V97S_V7 Tablets only 
    Image file name: A33_U978_U9781L1_1408110_20141013
    Firmware Version: V3.4.0_V7 / A33_U9781L1_4.4.2__20141013
    Build : astar_inet-eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20141013 test-keys
    Firmware Style : V975s CORE4

    Acknowledgement : All the Images and firmware in this post is property of their respected owners. 

    Allwinner A13 F761S Mainboard V2.0 Firmware

    Allwinner A13 2G

    F761S Mainboard V2.0 


    Allwinner A13  Firmware 

    F761S Mainboard V2.0  Firmware

    Firmware Detail .

    Chip : Allwinner A13
    Board ID : F761S Mainboard V2.0
    Android Version : 4.0.4
    Model : CT0712
    Build Number :- X5_f761S_dbfgc2035_ep_2G_V1.1.15_20131015_M912_9cf6135
    File Size : 667.1mb in zip.

    Included apk: Highway Rider, Angry Bird Space,Fruit Ninja .

    Firmware Compatibility. 

    This firmware is only suitable for Allwinner A13 with board ID F761S Mainboard V2.0 topwise-0132013/08/28 . Allwinner A13 F761S Mainboard V2.0 tablets mostly come with 2G Support , back and frontal camera as well. 

    Livesuit flashing tool will be use to flash this Allwinner tablet. If you are having issue regarding your firmware , Hard reset is best solution for many problems in Allwinner A13.But if does not work then try flashing firmware on Allwinner tablets. Flashing stock firmware will be last choice. 

    Flashing Results :-

    Allwinner A13 FIRMWARE
    Allwinner A13 Firmware F761S Mainboard V2.0
    Livesuit flashing done

    Tubemate Youtube Downloader for Android Smartphones & Tablets

    Tubemate youtube downloader

    Youtube and Facebook Videos Downloader for Android Smartphones & Tablets.

    Supporting (Facebook , Vimeo , Metacafe , Google , Dailymotion , Naver , Daum Video download)
    Download Android apps for free
     android paid apps apk download

    Latest version Update. 

    android apps apk files free download for tablet

    Tubemate is best android app available to download  videos from youtube, Facebook  , dailymotion , Vimeo , Metacafe,Daum, google  . You can choose Video format ,Video size and result by your choice. You can download videos in ,3GP,MP4,FLV and other for formats . The most authentic app to download videos from your favorite media for smartphones and android tablets. Tubemate apk give you freedom of quick access of videos,search,download and share your videos to Google buzz and twitter. Even more you can convert videos to mp3Tubemate allow you to download videos in background while watching your favorite songs or videos online. Download take place in background and does not disturb you. Tubemate android app grab direct video link,gives you resume option for broken links,fast download speed,multi videos downloading and much more. 

    ScreenShots : 

    android apps apk files free download for tablet

    download paid android apps for free

    download paid android apps for free

    download paid android apps for free

    Old version: 2.4 M
    New Version : 2.7M

    buy from developers tubemate  and support their hard work. Tubemate is property of Devian Studio. 

    World Of Tanks Blitz free download

    World Of Tanks Blitz 

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review 

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    World of Tanks blitz is Android game developed by WARGAMING  Group Limited based on world war 2. A battle of tanks which give you ultimate entertainment. WOTB is online strategic action game available for android smartphones and tablets. The ever best multiplayers game you will find on Google Play Store. Two teams each contain 7 players will fight in battle fields to destroy the enemies tank and for victory. 

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    You can choose different region to starting a game carrier . Its up to you to play as guest or create account with wargaming server which is recommended. In this game you will tank of different tires , from Tire 1 to 10 , two hundred different tanks are available. You will have to start from tier 1 then upgrade your tire with time . This game have Deep progression system which make this give more unique and detailed outstanding game , Deep progression system also give you complete information regarding your game. You can check win / lose status , your hits to enemies , number of tanks destroyed by you , achievements and medals unlock by you etc. 

    How to play World of Tanks Blitz (Basic Tactics to start carrier ).

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    There is five different countries teck tree available . Choose wisely what tech tree you are going to play . Some of tanks are really fast and some of them are too slow. Some have serious fire power and some have low fire power and some of them are balanced with speed thick armour and firepower. Decide first which tech you will play. 

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    You have 7 george slots available for free  parking 7 different tanks. But if you want to buy more tanks then you need to purchase slot with gold which is limited available in game. 

    World Of Tank Blitz

    Choose a tank , play game and earn upgrades point to buy more advanced tank and modules for your tanks like , heavy guns , Engine  modules , track modules etc. 

    World Of Tank Blitz

    World of Tank blitz android game based on 18 unique battlefields . Every field have its own statics .

    World Of Tank Blitz

    Fight against enemies and unlock bounces and achievements which you can view in your profile . 

    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    There is also different missions available to give you extra bounces and points. You can play them or skip them . 
    Android Game Download  , TIPS and Review

    Every victory give you credits , points and medals . You can also view your team position , detailed hitting and damages , awards after battle end. 

    Developers : Wargaming Group Limited
    File Size : 56 Mb (Atleast 3gb space required to download additional files.) 
    Current Version :
    In App Purchase. 
    Internet required to run the game . 

    Disclaimer : All the logo and images are property of Wargaming Group . We do not claim any rights.